2010 Artists

Music Guests Of Honor THE NICK ATOMS

The beginning of comedy music at MarsCon can be summed up in three words: The Nick Atoms. Comprised of scientist Dr. Ted Nelson and his robot creations Coburn and Wyngarde, they played atomic rock concerts featuring cover versions of classic TV, movie, and cartoon theme songs at MarsCon from 2000 to 2005, when under mysterious circumstances, the Nick Atoms disappeared. No one had seen or heard from them for 4 years until a MarsCon performance by a European electronica performance artist called “Hot Snack Time” finally shed light onto their fate. Dr. Ted had been sucked into another dimension, and Coburn and Wyngarde had fallen into disrepair and were swiped by Hot Snack Time via Craigslist. Dr. Ted escaped into our dimension arriving at MarsCon 2009 just in time to save his robots and reunite the Nick Atoms! After rocking out for a few tunes, they announced that at MarsCon 2010 they would perform full length Reunion / Farewell concert. To honor them on the auspicious occasion, and to thank them for starting MarsCon’s comedy music presence lo those many years ago, I asked the con comittee if we could make them this year’s Music Guests of Honor. Their show will be on Friday night, and it will be glorious.


Have you opened for “Weird Al” Yankovic? No, you haven’t. Neither have I. But you know who has? Throwing Toasters! Grant Baciocco, the comedy music scene’s original one-man-band has been a staple performer on “The Dr. Demento Show” for the past decade. He performs at stand-up clubs in the L.A. area regularly as well as touring colleges across the country, and now at long last the stars have aligned to make it possible for him to perform at MarsCon! Grant is also the co-creator, writer, and star of the kid-friendly educationalPodCast “THE RADIO ADVENTURES OF DR. FLOYD”, a Peabody-and-Sherman-esque Time Travel show in which brilliant scientist Dr. Floyd tries to stop his nemesis Dr. Steve from stealing artifacts from history and selling them on eBay! So be sure to catch a live recording of a Dr. Floyd episode on Saturday just before Grant’s concert.


You’ve heard his tracks on “Manic Mondays” and “Bad Rapport”, now you can see hip-hop’s hilarious hellspawn burn up the stage on Friday night! He was the standout act of Nerdapalooza 2009, commanding the stage armed with only his black box and a microphone. If Martin Short had been bitten by a radioactive rapper and then been possessed by Satan, you might end up with something resembling the awesome power of this very very bad bad man. He also loves kitty cats.


If you were to come to me and ask, “Luke Ski, who makes the best, most awesome, kick-ass song parodies about Harry Potter ever?”, only one name comes to mind, and that name is Steve Goodie. But Steve is not just some one-trick-fandom-pony (pegasus?). He’s been making great comedy songs for years on “The Dr. Demento Show”, and more recently has had several hits at the FuMP dot com. From Sarah Palin to the laptop-distracted airline pilots, Steve will perform it all, for 700 Billion Dollars!


One of the newest Auxiliary acts of the FuMP, Nuclear Bubble Wrap is a 4 person rock band comprised of people who were not yet alive when “The Humpty Dance” was a #1 hit. Jace, Kyle, Eric, and Brendan have released 2 albums, and are working on a 3rd with Steve Goodie as their producer. Their songs tackle a wide variety of subjects, including internet culture, environmentalism, science fiction, and Scientology. Their latest EP, “You Are What You Eat” marks their studio debut.


Ian has been making funny songs for years, and is a regular contributor to the FuMP Sideshow. His song “Guitar Hero” was #11 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 of 2008, and he released his first album “n3rds0ngs” earlier this year. But his most impressive feat is that he took a 30 hour long Greyhound Bus ride just so he could attend MarsCon 2009 to perform for 9 minutes on Sunday afternoon after closing ceremonies. That’s a commitment to dementia that makes me proud to consider him a colleague, and happy to give him a full main stage slot at MarsCon 2010.


Mike regularly performs shows in the L.A. area with Hot Waffles, Raymond & Scum, & Throwing Toasters. I very much enjoyed his album “KomedyKazi”, and he’s had a recent hit on the FuMP Sideshow with “Dork Whore”, which Dr. Demento also gave a few spins.


Another young’un from the FuMP Sideshow, Austin won the Nerdapalooza Theme Song contest, which landed him a performance there. He currently has a hit song on the Dr. Demento Show called “Vampires Suck” featuring Devo Spice.


And returning once again to rock the house for us:

Carrie has continued to provide lead vocals for the great Luke Ski and Devo Spice, and contribute her own original songs and parodies to the FuMP dot com. Her second album “Giant Kitten” was released at MarsCon 2009, and over the summer she got married in a pink wedding gown! She’s also the co-host of a new comedy-music-related podcast, “Luke and Carries Bad Rapport”.

In 2007, Sudden Death dominated the charts of the Dr. Demento Show. In 2008, front man “Devo Spice” decided to drop the group name “Sudden Death”, and continued under his singular stage name to make awesome and hilarious hip hop tracks such as “Life in the Fleet” (BSG), his tribute to convention room parties “The Geeks Come Out At Night”, and his recent hit, the Mac vs. PC rap battle, “Platform Wars”.

Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad has been creating comedy songs with his partner Craig Marks for 30 years and submitting them to “The Dr. Demento Show”. At the end of 2008, a longtime dream came true for him as the Power Salad cel phone song “Hold On, I’ve Got To Take This” became the #1 most requested song of the year on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 Countdown. Come witness his talent and quirkiness for yourself.

Have you been mentioned in TIME Magazine for your popular break-thru webcomic? No, you haven’t. But Rob Balder has. Since his brain gave birth to the idea of the FuMP, he has been posting the best songs of his career, while also writing his webcomics, the acclaimed “Erfworld”, and the hilarious “Partially Clips”. He was recently immortalized in song by Insane Ian, in “The Legend Of Party Rob Balder”.

One half of our 2008 Music Guests of Honor, Hot Waffles, Chris is bringing the solo version of his act to MarsCon, because he just couldn’t stay away another year! So be on the lookout on the 13th floor for Chris and his teabag!

Our traditional Friday night Nintendustrial scream-fest is back. The occasionally sober darkNES and the always hot DJ EYG will perform tracks from their latest CD “Sega Lugosi’s Dead”. They’ll tell you how hard it is to be a teenage creature from the Black Lagoon in “Amphibious Triginomerty”, and if you’re lucky they’ll give you a boost with their “Karma Jolt”.

Co-Chair of the Dementia Track, lover, fighter, prominent bacon enthusiast, the great Luke Ski continues to be MarsCon’s favorite comedy music artist who writes blurbs about himself in the 3rd person. His latest CD, “Too Much Stuff” has his 2009 Dr. Demento show mega-hit “Too Much Stuff” as well as tunes about the new “Star Trek” movie, “Lost”, Intellivision, modern horror movie icons, and the Wisconsin Dells.

What words come to mind when one says the phrase “Worm Quartet”?… Mullet? Nipple? Menacing former West Virginian? Gleeful prancer? Synth-punk comedy god? Popeye hater? Carrot mentioner? Sex? Drugs? Satan? Dan Rather? All of these are close, but the correct answer is simply “ShoEboX”, the lone member of this group who continues to be a dementia force to be reckoned with in the new millennium.

Host & Dementia Track Co-chair: WYNGARDE
MarsCon favorite Earl Luckes a.k.a. “Wyngarde the Conqueror” will be on hand to help MC the dementia concerts when he’s not off helping run the MarsCon AV Club movie room on the 13th floor.  (Be sure to check out their schedule too, a lot of great stuff is happening there!)


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