This year’s Main Stage line-up!


I’ve updated the Dementia Track Schedule; We’re looking for volunteers for Table 27, earn a free weekend MarsCon 2012 badge for helping, see the updated Other Events page for details; And in the Fundraiser Shop we’ve added the MARSCON 2012 DEMENTIA TRACK FUND RAISER 3-CD ALBUM, available as an MP3 download for $20, or as a 3-CD set with instant MP3 download for $30! It features 4 hours worth of the best live concert moments from MarsCon 2011! Check out the track list, and then order yours now!



1. Friday intro
2. Get Our Geek On – Possible Oscar
3. At The Con (full band arrangement) – Possible Oscar
4. Internet Trio – Possible Oscar
5. Fandom Dazzle – the great Luke Ski
6. It’s Good To Be The King – the great Luke Ski, featuring Devo Spice, Insane Ian, and Jared Ringold
7. Applause for no reason
8. Blasted Bill gets served again
9. Worm Quartet intro
10. Great Idea For A Song – Worm Quartet
11. Moisture chant
12. I like this con for some reason
13. Vampire Penguins – Worm Quartet
14. The Ballad Of Dr. Stopp – Worm Quartet
15. Dead Fragglz – Worm Quartet, featuring Possible Oscar
16. Meta chanting
17. Friday outro
18. Saturday intro
19. Son Of A Witch – Toyboat
20. Fox News Blues – Toyboat
21. Would You Like To Play A Game? – Toyboat
22. Shut up, Ian!
23. Good Advice – TV’s Kyle
24. Shaggy And His Super Chair – TV’s Kyle
25. High School Makes Everyone Uncomfortable – TV’s Kyle
26. King Of Kong – TV’s Kyle, featuring Alchav and Devo Spice
27. Breaking legs and rhetorical questions
28. Black Water (BP Version) – Steve Goodie


1. The Nascar Song – Steve Goodie
2. Avada Kedavra – Steve Goodie and Nuclear Bubble Wrap
3. Burning Ambitions – Nuclear Bubble Wrap
4. I Never Go To Work – Nuclear Bubble Wrap
5. Inyourendo – Nuclear Bubble Wrap
6. Southwest breaks Mac Minis
7. He’s Good – Cirque du So What?
8. T&A VHS Rental-Rama – Cirque du So What?
9. A Precious Moment – Cirque du So What?
10. Cake balls final tally
11. Nothin’ But A Geek Thang – Devo Spice, featuring Worm Quartet
12. Half-Assed Rapper – Devo Spice
13. Show up on Sunday, dammit!
14. Roadtripper – Carrie Dahlby
15. Party Bus video game
16. Jabba Jive – Carrie Dahlby
17. Blasted Bill is punderful
18. And so a meme was born
19. Awww, shucks!
20. Party Bus Round 2
21. Towels
22. A Geek Like Me – DJ Particle
23. Mary Sue – Beth Kinderman
24. Steve Austin
25. Austin, you’re my hero!
27. Steve’s 3rd weirdest gig ever
28. Wal-Mart – Steve Goodie
29. I’m Thinkin’ ‘Bout Nailin’ Sarah Palin – Steve Goodie
30. 80’s Chords – Rob Balder
31. Tile Spam happy cow
32. I’m Not Your Personal I.T. Guy – Devo Spice
33. Jace never goes to work
34. Konami tile
35. Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You – Worm Quartet


1. Short Bus Suite (2011 Version) – Worm Quartet
2. Bunny’s Big Day – BaldBox
3. Party Bus outro
4. Still A Fan – Break Man Z
5. Dead Egyptian Blues – Brett Glass
6. Why Having Kids Is Fun – Gifted Gear
7. Citrus Betrayal – Soggy Potato Chips
8. The Last Cup Of Coffee – Soggy Potato Chips
9. Murdering The Vegetables – Soggy Potato Chips
10. Inserting a quarter
11. Baby Cthulhu – Gifted Gear
12. A River In Egypt – Smashy Claw
13. Waking Up Is Hard To Do – Brett Glass
14. Fondled By The T.S.A. – Jeff Reuben
15. Could It Be You? – DJ Particle
16. Achievement Unlocked – Insane Ian
17. Ian is professional
18. MvL – Insane Ian, featuring Odd Austin and TV’s Kyle
19. Pikachu (EVGM Version) – Insane Ian
20. DiG DuG – Insane Ian
21. Weird Al Didn’t Write This Song – Devo Spice
22. If I Had The Copyright (The F-Word Song) (Bleepin’ Byron Edit) – DJ Particle, featuring Byron Lee
23. Blow ‘Em Away – Brett Glass
24. Mahna Mahna – Puppet Show
25. Happy Boy – Toyboat
26. Zombies On Your Lawn – Carrie Dahlby
27. Sunday outro
28. C.O.G. Predicts The End Of The World! – Consortium Of Genius

Order yours in the Fundraiser Shop right now!


Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III of the Consortium of Genius has a very important announcement regarding THE END OF THE WORLD! What does it have to do with this website? You’ll have to watch the following 3 minute YouTube message to find out! So watch it now, and tell all your friends online about on Facebook, Twitter, etcetra!

MarsCon 2010 Dementia Macros Contest (& nifty PodCast episode!)

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Macros Contest!!!

U can has prizes for yer MarsCon pics wit the funneh kapshins!

Because we refuse to let the fun and magic of MarsCon 2010 come to an end, I hereby announce the MarsCon 2010 Dementia Macros Contest! How do you enter? Here’s your instructions:

(1.) Make a Dementia Macro using a picture from MarsCon 2010. You can use one of your own pictures, or you can use somebody else’s (some people’s posted photo collection links are below).

(2.) Post it at the Dementia Macros LiveJournal Community, , sometime between now and Tuesday, April 27th at 11:59 pm CST. Enter as often as you want, but you will only be eligible for one of the top 3 places.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced sometime shortly after that on the internet in some way (I’ll decide which way would be best when the time comes). The contest will be judged by the MarsCon 2010 Dementia Radio Listener Guest Of Honor, Snapper!

There are three prizes to choose from: A copy of my latest CD “Too Much Stuff” (, A full color with body & background Caricature (example:, and a dozen custom made Chibis drawn by Luke Ski (example: Third place winner gets to choose one of those prizes, second place gets to choose two, first place gets all three. For more examples of caricatures & chibis, visit

U can has entreez? Then go post um! Squee! 😀

Some MarsCon 2010 Picture Links:

Devo Spice:

[Note from Davros: Look on the left side for all sub-albums. Note that a few days have folders for more than one camera, marked either G10 (my pocket rocket) or 50D (my heavy-hitter SLR)]

Baron Dave Romm: – Th. & Fri. – Sat. – Sun.
[Note from Baron Dave: FB allows unlimited uploads, which is good, but compresses really small, which is bad for things like macros. If anyone wants a higher res image to play with, let me know (and be specific about which pic).]



If you have a gallery of MarsCon photos you’re willing to donate to the 2009 Dementia Macros Contest, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list! Kthxbai!


Luke & Moonbeam & Carrie & Blasted Bill’s Bad Pod Rapport Of Destiny: Episode 2 – Post-MarsCon 2010 Wrap-up Report!


Well, the title pretty much explains everything you need to know, but I’m too OCD to not type something here, so here goes. It’s Luke & Moonbeam & Carrie & Blasted Bill’s Bad Pod Rapport Of Destiny, Episode 2, our Post-MarsCon 2010 Wrap-up Report! Recorded Sunday night March 7th in Nate Boi’s hotel room after all of MarsCon 2010’s activities had come to an end. We had a room full of friends & artists, including Brendan from Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, and Insane Ian who didn’t say anything during the whole episode. Perhaps he was deep in contemplation on which MarsCon T-shirt he should order from Spreadshirt. In any case, here’s 18 minutes of post-con-nal bliss. Enjoy!

You can listen, download, and/or subscribe at

You can leave us COMMENTS at the web site, ,
Or leave a VOICE MESSAGE by dialing (916)-LUKE-SKI ,
Or you can email us at ,
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MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track T-shirt, Events, & Update!


The full color MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Dark Lords T-Shirt is now available! Order yours now, so you can have it shipped to you before you leave for the convention (because they won’t be available for sale at the convention). THE FRONT is a full color cartoon image of all of the 2010 Dementia Track performers as famous Dark Lords & Femme Fatales (illustrated by Luke Ski), THE BACK is a list of all of this year’s actsYou can also order previous year’s shirts there (Alien Invaders & Video Games), as well as MarsCon Dementia Fun Bus and Dementia Radio T-Shirts. You can also order previous year’s shirts there (Alien Invaders & Video Games), as well as MarsCon Dementia Fun Bus and Dementia Radio T-Shirts.

(Note: None of the proceeds from these MDT shirts are going to myself, MarsCon, the Dementia Track Fund Raiser, nor Dementia Radio. The charges are just the minimum amount the SpeadShirt company charges for making their products. We just wanted cool t-shirts to wear.)


Last year Beth Kinderman and her funny folky bretheren debuted the Space Oddity Brew Club & Pub on the 13th floor, to offer an alternative to the electric dementia of the main stage, so those of a filkier vein can see some acoustic shows, and it was a big success! They’re bringing it back again for 2010, so here are some details on it from Beth herself: Thursday there will be a music circle either in our party room or elsewhere in the hotel. This is made possible by Gifted Gear and his family. We’ll start around 8 p.m. and go until everybody crashes. We’ll provide water, soda, and some light refreshments for anybody playing or listening at the circle.  Friday the party will open after opening ceremonies for board and card gaming, music circle number two, and general hanging out, lasting until late. Saturday we’ll be open during the Masquerade for those who would rather hang out, play games, and/or play music during that time. There will be concerts after that, on the following schedule:
9:30 pm – Gifted Gear
10:00 pm  – Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters
11:00 pm – Feng Shui Ninjas
12:00 pm – Toyboat
1:00 pm – The Potential Slayers

We’ll stay open afterwards for music and conversation! On Friday and Saturday we’ll have keg beer and various types of homebrew, appetizer-y stuff, cookies, and who knows what else. Various board and card games will also be available – or table/chair space if you’d like to bring your own. We are very grateful to the people who have donated money, time, or food to the party already. However, we’re only about halfway to our goal, so please check out this link for information on how to donate if you are so inclined.


Once again back is the incredible Dementia Radio Room Party! This year it’ll be in Room 1313 (right next to Party Rob Balder’s ERFWORLD Room Party in Room 1314). There will be drinks and snacks, comedy music, casting over the internet airwaves on Dementia Radio, and our annual installment of Dementia Smackdown Wrestling! Come see our virtual combatants face off on the digital screen and cheer for your favorite MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track act! Live commentary provided by DSW Commissioner J.P. Tuesday and Duke “Flyboy” DuJour! Day & time of DSW is TBA, we’ll put up signs in the Dementia Radio Room Party once we figure it out. And while you’re on the 13th floor, don’t forget to visit KARAOKE JOE’S in Room 1306 where Ben, Dov, and the crew will be serving up Karaoke until the break of dawn and beyond, and THE A.V. CLUB movie room in Room 1340 where Earl ‘Wyngarde’ Luckes will be playing cinematic delights to tantalize your eyes!


Saturday morning at 10:00 am in the A.V. Club Movie Room (Room 1340) we will again be showing an episode of Mystery Spatula Theatre 11, this time it’s “Dungeons and Dragons” starring Jeremy Irons. This episode was released a few years ago, so to provide some new MST11 content for all of you, Matt, Carrie, and Luke Ski will end the 2-hour block by riffing live on a new short! It’s a safety-in-the-workplace film from the 70’s, and it’s ripe for the riffing! (Short with live riffing will start at approx. 11:40 am) So come on out and start your day with Mystery Spatula Theatre 11, or Jeremy Irons will come to your house and yell angrily at you!


The one and only DJ PARTICLE will host this event that puts YOU in the spotlight! Sunday morning at 11:00 AM in Karaoke Joe’s (on the 13th floor), it’ll be your chance to get up in front of the crowd and show your demented stuff! Are you an up and coming dementia artist with some songs to sing? Are you a Karaoke fanatic who loves to sing your favorite funny tunes? Do you and your friends want to do a lip-sync to the latest demented hit? Then this is the show for you! If you’d like to sign up, just show up and bring any background music you need to perform with either on CD or in MP3 format on a Flash Drive. We’ll put your name in a hat along with our other participants, and we’ll pull names out at random to determine the order of our first rotation. Once we’ve gotten through the first rotation, we’ll go through it again giving people who want to more chances to perform. So bring your talent and creativity to Karaoke Joe’s on Sunday morning, and be a Dementia Star! 😀


Yes, we did hit our initial goal with the MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser, and for that we are very grateful. There are however other expenses involved with the dementia track, so if you never got around to ordering a copy of the CD/MP3 sets, you still can and help out the track. You can find the ordering links and details at the Fund Raiser Shop at MarsCon Dementia dot com:


Over the past 5 years, ShoEboX of Worm Quartet, Devo Spice, the great Luke Ski, and Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad have been secretly writing sketch comedy material together, which they recently got together and recorded, and after a fortnight of furious mixing and mastering by audio God Mezzolesta, is finally ready to be unleashed on an unwitting public. At MarsCon 2010, the debut sketch comedy album by dementia super-group “Cirque du So What?” titled “Procrastinators of the Apocalypse” will be released. Pre-order the CD now at and you’ll receive a special bonus disc with 20 minutes of additional sketches and outtakes. You’ll be able to pick up your copy of the album and the bonus disc at MarsCon (we’ll refund you for the shipping cost). So order now at , uh, I mean, , yeah, there. See our first ever live performance on Saturday Night at 10:00 pm on the Main Stage following the Masquerade. Note: Rated R like a mofo.


If there’s anything you need to know, go check out the Official MarsCon website, , and the MarsCon Dementia Track website, . See you all in 12 days. 🙂

~ Luke Ski, Co-Chair of the MarsCon Dementia Track

Schedule re-changes

It turns out that Chris Waffle of “Hot Waffles” will be able to attend MarsCon this year! 🙂 So we’ve added the solo version of his act “The Chris Waffle Experience” to the schedule on Sunday from 2:30 pm to 2:45 pm, just before the Dementia Smackdown which will now be from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm.

Raymond and Scum unfortunately had to cancel their appearance at MarsCon this year. (Jeff Smith will be in attendance filming for his forthcoming documentary on the comedy music scene.)

Also, due to a booked Saturday night gig in NYC, Schäffer the Darklord’s show has been moved to Friday night. So please refer to the Dementia Track Schedule page of this site for the revised schedule. Thank you.

The MarsCon 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD/MP3 set is now on sale!

The set is comprised of tracks recorded live at MarsCon 2009, and includes music by Rob Balder, Possible Oscar, Positive Attitude, The Nick Atoms, Devo Spice, Worm Quartet, Power Salad, the great Luke Ski, MC Lars, The Feng Shui Ninjas, Wally Pleasant, participants in the Dementia Fan Showcase, DJ Particle, Carrie Dahlby, Marc Gunn, W. Randy Hoffman, Beth Kinderman, Soggy Potato Chips, and Insane Ian.

If you’re interested in hearing a PREVIEW of the 2010 Fund Raiser set, I’ve created a special 30 minute PodCast that you can listen to and/or download for free by CLICKING HERE.

The Mars Con 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser: 3-CD set – $30.00
(An optional MP3 download of all tracks is included with purchase. Price includes shipping)

The Mars Con 2010 Dementia Track Fund Raiser: MP3 Download Only – $20.00
(Contains all the tracks from the CD version. Length: just under 4 hours)

For the track listing and more details, CLICK HERE.