Other Events

NOTE: THIS IS LAST YEAR’S INFORMATION. We will be updating it as soon as we have this year’s information finalized. Thanks for your patience. ~ Luke Ski

Other cool things going on in and around the MarsCon Dementia Track you should know about include…

TABLE 27: the official merch table of the MarsCon Dementia Track!

table-27-300Bring cash. Bring lots of cash. I mean, we do accept credit cards, but we prefer cash. The point is, it might take you a while to sift through the dozens of albums for sale by the performers of MarsCon, muttering to yourself “got it, need it, need it, got it, got it, need it, got it”, but it’ll be worth the effort when you walk away from the table with your fingers spread wide to hold your digitally encoded comedy music bounty. No wonder MarsCon has become THE place where every act wants to drop their new album. Table 27 is located just outside the main stage room where all the performances are happening, and will be open during the main stage Dementia Track concerts.

– Room party, Friday & Saturday night

space-oddity-300Once again, Beth Kinderman and her friends bring you two nights of geeky fun at MarsCon, featuring music circles, snacks and drinks, and board and card games in a comfortable, laid-back space. They’ll be open from 7 pm until ‘late’, and they’ll have a P.A. system there, so if any of the dementia or nerdcore acts want to come in and plug in their backing track devices, you can do a spontaneous show! Please drop by to sing a song, share a pint, learn a game, or chat with your friends! For more details and to donate to help make the party happen, visit their Facebook page and their Indie Gogo fundraiser page.

– 10:00 am to 11:00 am, Saturday and Sunday – location: Pool

dementia-water-aerobics-300Current co-host of “The Flopcast” the always effervescent ‘Kornflake’ adds to the geek fitness events happening at MarsCon by leading 2 different one-hour sessions of water aerobics, doing workouts set to some of the best comedy music of the past year and beyond! She’s a certified instructor, and these sessions will be done at a beginners/intermediate level. It’s happening Saturday & Sunday at 10:00 am. So get up, get wet, get fit, and get wacky with Kornflake!

– Saturday, Noon – Karaoke Joe’s (Room 1119, 11th Floor)

dsw-300Every year Dementia Radio DJ and pro wrestling fan Jered Perez uses the latest WWE video games to create avatars of all of the acts appearing at the MarsCon Dementia Track. Then he records them fighting against one another in a 30 minute Battle Royal to see who will be crowned the champion of “Dementia Smackdown Wrestling”! So come root for your favorite act, and witness the virtual violence and senseless slaughter for silly supremacy! Featuring live commentary by DSW commentators Commissioner J.P. Tuesday (Jered Perez) and Duke ‘Flyboy’ DuJour (Luke Ski). Snap into it! Oooh yeah!

– Saturday, Midnight – Main Stage
rocky-horror-marscon-2017-300Dave Stagner of the Feng Shui Ninjas wanted to try something different this year, so he along with a bunch of performers from the MarsCon Dementia Track will be performing all the songs from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” live on the main stage! Our vocalists will be Carrie Dahlby, the Library Bards, & the great Luke Ski, accompanied by our house band comprised of the Feng Shui Ninjas, Chris Mezzolesta, & Brett Glass! So come on out and sing along, my unconventional conventionists!

– Podcast recording & episode viewing panel – Sunday, 1:00 pm -Main Stage


What started as a regular segment every time TV’s Kyle appeared on the FuMPcast with the great Luke Ski turned into its own podcast back in October of 2013. Since then, every 2 weeks, Kyle and Luke have sat down to discuss in fanboyish detail the avalanche of minutia within the annals of animation history. Meanwhile, Kyle got a development deal at Cartoon Network, and through a series of fortunate circumstances, is now the creator and lead voice actor of “Mighty MagiSwords” while Luke works for him as a Storyboard artist! So come to their live podcast recording with your questions about animation and “Mighty MagiSwords”, and we’ll answer all the ones we can and that we’re allowed to!

This year we’re moving to the main stage so we can show everyone some “Mighty MagiSwords” episodes! We’ll also be talking to fellow MM voice over actors Lindsay Smith, Bonnie Gordon, and Judy Tenuta!

– Sunday, 2:30 pm – Main Stage
featuring Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters, The Feng Shui Ninjas, Brett Glass, StarF, and the Faithful Sidekicks

In the history of the MarsCon Dementia Track, we’ve had over 50 different comedy music acts perform, and unfortunately there just isn’t enough Main Stage time to give everybody a 30 minute main stage concert every year. That’s why we added to the schedule a show called the FuMP JUKEBOX, in which some of our returning regulars and new faces from the Funny Music Project website & the FuMP Sideshow who didn’t get main stage concerts this year will have a chance to get up on stage and do one of their songs for the awesome MarsCon audience.


– Sunday, 3:00 pm – Main Stage

Our traditional ending to the best weekend ever for fans of comedy music, the Dementia Smackdown will once again feature almost all of our weekend’s performers coming back to the stage one last time to perform cover versions of well known comedy songs, both by established legends, and by each other. The only word to describe it is ‘legenda-epic-awesome-ary’!


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