Brentalfloss-250Music Guest Of Honor

Brent “brentalfloss” Black is a self-described comedian, musician, and gamer. He is best known for his “With Lyrics” series on YouTube, which first gained notoriety in 2008 when he added lyrics to the title theme from Mega Man 3. He has since grown a YouTube subscriber base of over 396,000 and released three full-length albums, all which have reached the Top 10 in the iTunes comedy charts, and two of which reached the top ten on Billboard’s comedy charts. He lives in New York City and has performed at music venues and gaming conventions across the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Aside from the “brentalfloss” persona, Brent is a songwriter with a background in musical theatre. He currently co-hosts a podcast on Maximum Fun, titled “Trends Like These”, in which he and his former college roommate Travis McElroy discuss topics and issues that are trending on social media websites. He is also co-created and produced the best-selling party video game entitled “Use Your Words!”


Donita Smith 200Armed with a ukulele, Donita sings silly, naughty songs guaranteed to make you laugh and blush in equal measure. Behind her wholesome looks and Mom-type persona lies a playful heart and a dirty mind. Songs about her bosom, phone sex, and using voodoo to avenge love gone wrong will surprise you from this self-proclaimed “middle-aged woman with a teenager’s mind”. She is also mom to Lindzilla, so maybe ask her how she gave birth to a dinosaur lady. Or not. I’m not your boss.



Marc With A C is the musical identity of lo-fi troubadour Marc Sirdoreus. According to his bio, Marc was born at a very young age, and he makes pop music in small, DIY ways, cobbling together any available instruments and recording gear to capture the excitement of the moment – but only using enough sound to serve the song itself. To date, there have been twelve full-length Marc With a C albums, as well as countless EP’s and online-only releases, including the recent follow up to “Unicorns Get More Bacon” entitled “Half Serious, Half Kidding”. Marc is a prolific songwriter that rarely tours, yet somehow this is his second appearance at Marscon. Folks can expect oodles of sarcasm, sweaty pop workouts, singalongs and stories that sometimes have a point, all performed by a guy who maybe wonders what he’s doing here.


StarF-200Mattari-200StarF is a nerdcore rapper who blends a mixture of poetics and edgy humor into everything he produces. He’s part of the infamous Scrub Club Crew, and has performed at such events as PenguiCon, Nerdapalooza, Orlando Nerd fest, and more! From songs about his selfie obsessions to his worry that Chris Hardwick may never hear the song he wrote about him, StarF never ceases to entertain with his clever wordplay and uber-catchy choruses. He released two albums in 2017; one he calls disappointing due to anxiety, and one that was lost on his hard drive for years, but they’re still awesome and worth you checking out, dammit. He’s a Minneapolis local, and this is his first time having a full main-stage show at MarsCon! UPDATE: StarF will be joined on stage by his long-time collaborator Mattari 2600!


Chris 200 squareBy day, Chris Mezzolesta is a professional voice-over artist whose voice can be heard in commercials for Kaopectate and Menards, among others. But when the moon is full, he gets out the vacuum cleaner and frightens his cat beyond consolation! His song “Letter From A Cruise Ship (Hello Mudduh, Hello Faddah! 2013)” won a Logan Award in 2014, and his song “Amazon Drone” won him another in 2015, however it’s his 30 plus years of making sketch audio and comedy music make him the wise elder of the scene, with recent Dr Demento Show hits like “Gas Station Disc Jockey” and “Smells Like Herb Alpert”, both from his first vinyl release (now sold out, but still available virtually) “Vaudeville”. Mostly, however he just yells about tile and honey mustard, much to the delight and confusion of those around him. He is also a member of this year’s Dementia Track Team helping the Chair Luke Ski and Vice-Chair Carrie Dahlby get MarsCon stuff done.


Devo 200 squareDevo Spice is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey who calls himself “the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem” and is one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. He is a five-time Logan Award nominee, and hosts the comedy music podcasts “Manic Mondays”, “The Insider”, and “the FuMPcast” along with Luke Ski. He occasionally takes listener suggestions for a series of “Ridiculous Raps” or even bite-sized versions posted to Instagram called “Insta-raps”. His Doctor Who concept album “I Am The Doctor” has 11 tracks about each of the 11 Doctors (pre-Capaldi), and his latest CD is titled “Herp Derp, Ya Don’t Sterp”. Despite all of this, he still finds time to run and maintain as webmaster. He is also a member of this year’s Dementia Track Team.


Ian 200 squareInsane Ian has been called “the Weird Al of videogames” but he keeps asking his mother to stop saying that, as he writes songs about other nerdy stuff too. Ian hit a milestone in his career when he had the #1 most requested song of 2015 on “The Dr. Demento Show”, the name-mangling Brit-tribute, “Benedict Cumberbatch”, sitting firmly atop the Funny 25. His most recent albums include the Marvel Cinematic Universe/Beatles mash-up album “Meet the Avengers” and his 2 disc concept epic “Internet Famous”, and he also is one half of the bloopcore quirkhop sensation Scooter Picnic with his pal TV’s Kyle. Outside of that, Ian currently hosts weird taste test videos on his YouTube channel. Maybe you can watch him eat something weird this weekend (but likely not). He is also a member of this year’s Dementia Track Team.


Kyle Lindsay 200 squareBy day, Kyle Carrozza works at Cartoon Network as the creator and lead voice actor of your new favorite cartoon “Mighty MagiSwords”, but by late-afternoon/early-evening he becomes TV’s Kyle, churning out quirky, catchy, original comedy tunes for all to enjoy! In 2014 he married his long-time girlfriend and frequent on-stage vocalist / dinosaur-outfit-wearer, Lindsay Smith, aka LINDZILLA, who also works on “Mighty MagiSwords” as a character designer! He also co-hosts the bi-monthly animation podcast “Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons” with the great Luke Ski and is one half of the duo Scooter Picnic with Insane Ian, which he describes as “bloopcore quirkhop” as if those words have meaning. Silly cartoon man.


luke-ski-200At Dragon*Con 2004, Dr. Demento declared “the great Luke Ski” to be his radio program’s “Most Requested Artist of the 21st Century”. Since then, Luke held onto that title by having his nerdy comedy songs on “The Dr. Demento Show’s” annual year-end “Funny 25” countdown of his most requested songs of the year for 16 years in a row, with a whopping FIVE of them reaching the #1 spot, including his most recent hit “Candybars”. Luke Ski currently works as a storyboarder, writer, and voice-over artist at Cartoon Network on “MIGHTY MAGISWORDS” , created by TV’s Kyle, with which he has been so busy, he actually had someone ELSE write his bio this time — though to be honest they mostly just cut and pasted the one from last year. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Wait, did I type that? MOVING ON. – Luke has been the Chair of the MarsCon Dementia Track since it’s inception in the mid 2000s, and delights in making Ian write all this copy so he doesn’t have to do it himself. ;P


library-bards-200The Library Bards claim to “transform Top 40 songs into the nerdy versions they should have been in the first place”, and do they ever deliver! The dynamic performances of Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s The Quest; voice of R. Mika in Street Fighter V), and Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ King of the Nerds; voice of the Announcer in Divekick) have become a staple in the new Comic and Pop Culture Convention scene, and the Bards bring life to the main stages of Cosplay Contests, Panels, and Concert performances. When not doing voicework or filming for their various shows on the Geek and Sundry network on Alpha (“Shield of Tomorrow” for Bonnie, “Sagas of Sundry: Madness” for Xander) this pair of Hufflepuffs travel the US thrilling crowds with their exceptional harmonies and unchoreographed choreographies. “These two are awesome-sauce and their hilarious concert is not to be missed.” ~ Luke Ski


Faithful-sidekicks-200Also Minneapolis locals, Eric and Jen Distad have been making music together for many years, but in 2014 decided that they really wanted to write fun songs about the geeky things they love – Sci Fi, Fantasy, Board Games, Video Games, Movies… and so released their first album of geeky filk-ish tunes called “*.* And Other Star Things” featuring their hit ‘political’ anthem ‘Han Solo For President”. With a new album in the works, the pair also find themselves helping run FAWM – February Album Writing Month, over at




Beth mainly performs serious folk, but her latest album “Return of the Son of More Songs About Robots & Death” is a full-on comedy album, so Beth, Nikki Walker, and the rest of the Player Characters are going to give us all a big slice of the funny! Beth and the Feng Shui Ninjas also host the Space Oddity Brew Club & Pub room party.



Brett Glass travels all across the U.S. and even into international waters to listen to all his favorite comedy musicians, and occasionally, he joins in the fun with some tunes of his own!




Karl Brown was a writer, pianist/keyboardist, and vocalist in the 1980s San Francisco band Automatic Pilot. In 2007 he started recording his own songs and posting them to the FuMP Sideshow and Mad Music. He has participated in various collaboritave projects including Hey Birthday Boy, Mr. Smith Goes To The Hospital, and the Art Paul Schlosser remix project. He has performed at the MarsCon Dementia Fan Showcase, and made his Main Stage debut in the 2014 FuMP Jukebox. Karl has also composed experimental electronic music, and works as a software developer.



In 2014 Carrie released her 3rd album “Sing All Funny Jokes”, and frequently appears in songs by other members of the FuMP. Her duet with Earl ‘Wyngarde’ Luckes about the sweet bliss of being a parent who finally gets some time to watch the R-rated movies and geeky TV shows they love away from their kids, “Almost Parent Time”, hit #5 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 countdown of 2014. Last year in a surprise performance, she sang lead vocal in Luke Ski’s “Mighty MagiSwords” tribute track “I’m Vambre Warrior” in costume as Vambre. It was #6 on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 of 2016! This year, Carrie stepped up to become the Vice-Chair of the MarsCon 2018 Dementia Track, heading up this year’s Dementia Track Team.


At age 6, Alex Rasey is the youngest act to grace the stage of the MarsCon Dementia Track. The son of Carrie Dahlby, he released his first comedy music album, “Rocketships UFOs” at age four in at FuMPFeST 2016. His favorite bands are the Aquabats, They Might Be Giants, and he loves playing Pac-Man and MarioKart.



M.T. Foyer is the musical pseudonym of Michael Sienkowski, who has been in many bands based in Madison, WI and the Twin Cities, some of which have literally toured the world (Sleeping In The Aviary, Eyebeams, Whatfor, Mike Krol). Playing multiple instruments including drums and banjo, he also sings amazingly. By a coincidence of genetics, he happens to be the younger brother Luke Ski, which Luke likes to believe is why he occasionally skews some of his songs towards the humorous.



Kornflake-200Current co-host of “The Flopcast” the always effervescent ‘Kornflake’ adds to the geek fitness events happening at MarsCon by leading 2 different one-hour sessions of water aerobics, doing workouts set to some of the best comedy music of the past year and beyond! She’s a certified instructor, and these sessions will be done at a beginners/intermediate level. It’s happening Saturday & Sunday at 10:00 am. So get up, get wet, get fit, and get wacky with Kornflake!


Jered-Perez-200Jered Perez is a former DJ on Dementia Radio, and the creator of “Dementia Smackdown Wrestling”. He makes the awesome pro-wrestling avatars of the MarsCon Dementia Track acts, records and edits the video, and then provides live commentary for it at our MarsCon event as “Commissioner J.P. Tuesday”, along with his co-host “Duke ‘Flyboy’ DuJour” (a.k.a. Luke Ski). He is also a member of this year’s Dementia Track Team.


Byron & Chris man the live streaming booth in the back of the main room for DEMENTIA RADIO . ORG, streaming the concerts all weekend, recording them for next year’s Fund Raiser, and making witty commentary between the concerts. Byron is also a member of this year’s Dementia Track Team.


She’s the head of Table 27, making sure all these acts make mad phat stacks of cash, yo. She also takes credit cards. Just go buy stiff from us already, will ya?


A Table 27 volunteer for his 3rd year, he is also a member of this year’s Dementia Track Team.


Earl Luckes portrayed the bass-playing, wise-cracking robot Wyngarde in the Twin Cities fandom rock band “The Nick Atoms” (former MarsCon Guests Of Honor). He helped Luke Ski establish the Dementia Track at MarsCon.


Jared Ringold is a member of the comedy band Possible Oscar, a core member of the FuMP, and one of the co-hosts of the Podcast “The Scope”. Indeed.


Dave-Stagner-200Sadly, Dave had to cancel this year due to family reasons. All our love goes out to him. – The Feng Shui Ninjas are Justin Hartley, Dave Stagner, John Kentner, and Tamara Anne, and they have come to rearrange the furniture between your ears with their music. Blurring the lines between rock, folk, and common sense, they bring the bizarre when they rock the MarsCon stage.


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